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G3 Traverse

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The Stat Packs G3 Traverse Leg Bag is a straightforward leg-pack providing quick access to small amounts of BLS and ALS equipment. Putting supplies literally at your fingertips, access in tight areas is swift and easy. The Traverse Thigh Rig is designed specifically for Tactical Medics in Military, SWAT, and Special Ops. Smart design features a shelf effect to prevent content spillage.

* Easily attaches to any belt and secures comfortably to either leg

* Shelf-style design opens to 90 degrees, for easy access from a standing position

* Accommodates IV fluids, some airway equipment, and trauma dressings; also great for non-medical gear for the entire team

* Reverse coil zippers open and close smoothly without catching yet the zipper chain stays protected from dirt and wear

* Large zipper-pulls allow easy, quick access even while wearing gloves