Scott Airways Management

Scott Airways Management (SAM) products protect healthcare workers from aerosol risks during mask ventilation and scope procedures.

The SAM Safety Shield device was originally developed after encountering the ongoing difficulties of bag mask ventilating patients. As development continued for the SAM Safety Shield for use with Guedels the additional benefit of protecting healthcare professionals from non-masked patients aerosolised secretions was revealed.

This development has made the SAM Safety Shield an invaluable asset for healthcare professionals as we navigate through a COVID 19 environment.

With a medical grade silicone form that contours to a patients face, while being used in conjunction with a Bite Block and Value when performing scope procedures, the SAM Safety Shield is effective in reducing aerosol secretions from patients and greatly reducing the harm to healthcare professionals working in this environment.

StatPacks Plus is the South Australian and West Australian exclusive distributor of these market leading proactive protective products.