• Emergency response kits for all healthcare professionals.

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Emergency response kits for all healthcare professionals.


First Aid Training

Modules and Cells

Defibrillators and Accessories

First Aid Kits


Designed by professionals for professionals

Innovative and high-end packs and accessories for the entire range of emergency response professionals. Our kits are found in hospitals, schools, mines, small businesses and used by emergency responders all around Australia.

Highly organised and highly accessible emergency workers and healthcare professionals continually rely upon StatPacks to keep their workforce safe and healthy all around the world.

Scott Airways Management

Scott Airways Management (SAM) products protect healthcare workers from aerosol risks during mask ventilation and scope procedures.

The Safety Shield currently comes in two variants the Safety Shield Guedel and the Safety Shield Bite Block.

StatPacks Plus is the South Australian and West Australian exclusive distributor of these market leading proactive protective products.

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